Ground Cultivation with JCL

At JCL, we understand that good ground cultivation is critical to a good crop.

We provide a full range of ground cultivation services suitable for all ground conditions and crop requirements. We can work with you to identify a suitable program for your cropping and/ or re-grassing system.

We have a modern fleet of GPS enabled New Holland tractors including features such as auto steer and mapping. As a result we do create efficiencies with reduced overlaps and wasteage while providing quality ground cultivation and seedbed preparation.

We employ experienced and knowledgeable operators who are passionate about the industry and we have a program of continued professional development to ensure we are ahead of the game with new technology, systems and advice.

Why Choose Us for Ground Cultivation work?

  • We’re a small company, so we can offer a personal tailored service.
  • We have modern equipment, such as GPS enabled tractors to reduce wasteage and overlaps.
  • We take pride in our work to achieve a good result everytime.
  • We can provide on farm advise to assist with management and planning.
  • We keep in regular contact with our customers to advise when our team will be with you.
  • We have good Health and Safety systems to fit in with your farm to keep your staff and family safe.
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