Jackson Contracting (JCL) are delighted to announce the acquisition of Regal Agriculture.

Regal Agriculture was part of the Ag Technology group and has earned a respectable name for agricultural contracting services in the Cambridge area, predominantly with grass and maize silage services.

JCL already have a presence in the Cambridge area and have seen the opportunity to strengthen this by adding Regal Ag to the team.

They will continue to operate the Regal Ag Matangi Road base as well as the original JCL yard in Tauhei.

The combination of JCL and Regal agriculture present some exciting opportunities for both customer bases as this will increase their service offering with extra resources and a wider range of operations.

Regal AG/ JCL will continue to work with the AG technology group on various projects and the acquisition is very much seen as the start of a strong link between the companies.

JCL offer a high degree of customer service and take pride in their communication and organisation working proactively with their customer base.  Please see more about our services on the tabs below and continue to explore our website to learn more about us. Alternatively, contact us through the button below or Jeremy directly on 027 526 2441.

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JCL Services- Agricultural Contracting and Haulage

At JCL, we understand the importance of a good Maize Silage crop. We specialise in growing quality maize, which starts with a good spray out and cultivations to produce an excellent seedbed.

Our equipment includes:

8 row Precision Vaderstad Maize Planter- GPS assisted
Side Dresser to “knife” in fertiliser with inter-row sprayer
2 Claas 960 Forage Harvesters with 8 Row Kemper head and 10 Row 750 Orbis Claas Head, ‘NIR’ Sensor and yield mapping technology
Large Silage trailers, trucks and truck and trailers for efficient crop transport
Volvo L90H with 14′ Buckrake for superior stacking

Throughout the whole process we regularly crop walk and communicate progress with suggestions where required. This enable timely harvest to maximise the nutrition form your crop.

At the end of the harvest we review the work and the crop itself with the assistance of yield maps generated

We also buy and sell Maize silage, including cartage and stacking.

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Grass silage is an important part of the farming calendar. Not only do we take pride in our work, but we understand the critical nature of timing and providing good communication on timing to ensure good quality

We provide a silage service including the following operations:

Triple Mowers, Both with and without conditioners
Raking- 2 rotor and 4 rotor rakes
Loader wagon
Round baling with wrapping
Covers and innoculants
We keep our fleet of equipment up to date and work hard on training our operators with the modern technology. This ensures that we can provide a quality end product to help you maximize your yields.

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At JCL, we are believe a good crops come from getting the basics right. And that starts with good seedbed preparation.

We can offer:

Deep rippers
Offset discs
Power harrows
Chip hoeing
Rotary Hoe

All cultivation tractors have GPS enabled autosteer systems. With this technology, we can set overlaps to an absolute minimum, ensuring less time wastage and unnecessary passes which cause extra compaction and overworking of soil.

We can assist with advise for the best and most economic cultivation system for your farm and budget.

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At JCL, we offer a range of drilling services for different applications. These include Precision Maize planting, Undersowing, Direct drilling and roll seed roll.

Much of our equipment has been selected or adapted specifically for New Zealand conditions. We have highly skilled operators along with GPS autosteer tractors to minimise seed wasteage on overlaps and maximise germination through good seed placement.

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At JCL, we can offer a full range of spraying services. From spray out, to winter paddock spraying, liquid fertiliser, plant regulators, pre and post emerge sprays we offer it all.

We crop and paddock walk to identify weed problems and apply the correct chemical to maximise control. Our equipment is GPS assisted to ensure full coverage and maps are available for proof of placement if necessary

JCL’s fleet of trucks cover a range of applications. Truck and trailer bulk tippers for carting soils and metal, PKE, Lime, Grain. Large bulk tipper truck only and truck and trailers for silage, chicken litter, animal bedding.

We also run 6 wheeler trucks for metal and rock cartage as well as tractors and trailers with large bulk bins for silage cartage and metal sides for rock and metal. Finally we also run 2 Hiab flat deck truck.

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We have a range of spreading options available. This includes a Strautmann Trailed spreader for high applications, such as muck and Lime. This spreader includes scales and rate controller for accurate applications. For low rate applications we have either trailed our mounted options. Both fully GPS guided, with variable rate and headland management options

Why Choose Us

  • Modern equipment and technology.
  • Experienced and well trained operators.
  • Individual and tailored services for your specific farm/ situation.
  • Regular communication and updates on progress
  • On farm advice, feedback and follow up.