Bulk Materials Haulage with JCL

Here at JCL, we offer a stress free, reliable and effortless haulage service. We aim to give you a problem free service that moves your bulk material from point a to point b

We offer a service that is flexible to meet the customers needs and take your material wherever you need it whenever you need it. We have three trucks equipped with silage crates as well and a truck and trailer service to take as much bulk material as you need wherever you need it. We have a range of sizes to fit your job regardless of size, all trucks and trailers have a canvas covers to allow for safe transport

We can transport a range of materials for you, including:

  • Grass silage
  • Maize silage
  • Animal bedding
  • Wood shavings
  • Bark

We have experienced and trained drivers that make the loading and unloading of the material as simple and easy for the customer as possible. Combine this with our robust scheduling system and great communication, we offer a seamless service