Metal and Bulk Haulage

We offer a wide range of bulk cartage solutions

We have three available 6 wheel tipper trucks available for metal, dirt and all other general bulk deliveries. We also have truck and trailer units available for general bulk material cartage

We can haul, deliver and cart a range of materials, including

  • Grain
  • Metal for construction and farm races
  • Topsoil
  • Lime
  • Dirt

We have our Kenworth T408 truck and trailer unit, Capable of hauling up to 28 tons of material. As our full time metal and bulk deliveries truck, it is available year around for your haulage needs. Our Mitsubishi Shogun and Kenworth T450 available with rock siders also.

We also have rock siders for our McIntosh tractor trailer which can cater for on farm or on site tipper trailer needs

Our aim is to offer a seamless and timely haulage experience for you, our team of experienced and well trained operators ensure you get your material on time and hassle free