Drilling & Planting

We have a wide range of drilling & planting options available to suit crops, soil types and operations.

We run a Great plains direct drill and undersower.  This machine has the ability to follow the contour of the ground, which in turn enables a precise depth control across the paddock.  This means that seed can be accurately placed at the correct depth all of the time to significantly increase your strike rate.  This machine works well for undersowing and direct drilling applications.

Our Roll seed roll drill has been specifically designed and built by us with New Zealand conditions in mind.   The set up includes two sets of Cambridge rolls with an air seeder distributing seed between the rollers.  Due to its unique set up and good operation, we can achieve high strike rates and we are very proud of the results it achieves particularly with turnips and grass seed.

We have a modern fleet of GPS enabled New Holland tractors including features such as auto steer and mapping.    With this technology we are able to save you on seed costs through reduced overlaps and our charges by spending less time in the paddock and on your farm.

We can also offer a fodder beet planting service as well as Maize Planting.

All drilled and planted paddocks are cropped walked to check germination, growth and progress is communicated back to the customer with any suggestions to assist growth such as Agrichemical Spraying

We employ experienced and knowledgeable operators who are passionate about the industry and we have a program of continued professional development to ensure we are ahead of the game with new technology, systems and advice.

Why Choose Us for Drilling & Planting work?

      • We’re a small company, so we can offer a personal tailored service.
      • We have modern equipment, such as GPS enabled tractors to reduce wasteage and overlaps.
      • We take pride in our work to achieve a good result everytime.
      • We can provide on farm advise to assist with management and planning.
      • We keep in regular contact with our customers to advise when our team will be with you.
      • We have good Health and Safety systems to fit in with your farm to keep your staff and family safe.
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