Agrichemical Spraying with JCL

Weed and Insect control is critical to good pasture growth and crop yield.

We operate a GPS guided spray truck to apply all agrichemicals. Our operator holds agrichemical handlers certification and is experienced with agrichemical types and application.

We believe that proper identification of problem weeds and suitable agrichemicals for their control enable effective and efficient use of our services.

This includes paddock and crop walking and support from our partners and suppliers in the industry.

We have a wide range of Agrichemical solutions to choose from and will always ensure the most suitable product is used.

On each visit we can supply paperwork as proof of placement for your records, maps if required and warning information on witholding periods and other hazards the applied agrichemical may present.

Agrichmical spaying, as with all our services, is supported by our robust health and safety procedures to protect both our and your workforce.

Why Choose Us for Agrichemical Spraying work?

  • We’re a small company, so we can offer a personal tailored service.
  • We have modern equipment, such as GPS enabled tractors to reduce wasteage and overlaps.
  • We take pride in our work to achieve a good result everytime.
  • We can provide on farm advise to assist with management and planning.
  • We keep in regular contact with our customers to advise when our team will be with you.
  • We have good Health and Safety systems to fit in with your farm to keep your staff and family safe.
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