Covid-19 is not the biggest Killer out there but it is HIGHLY contagious.

While most of us will survive this, we need to be mindful of passing this thing onto people who could suffer badly and so we don’t get it at once and overload the health system.

We are registered with MPI and have approval to continue to operate- reference number 11442789559.

However, our systems will be monitored, so it is essential these are adhered to.  It is a privilege to carry on at this time, but increases the risk of our team being exposed to CV-19 so we need your help with the following:

  • Continue to contact Rachel on 07 887 6688 or text 027 587 6688 with your bookings and she will take ALL the details. If the phone is busy, we will call back
  • Every booking will be considered and we can only carry out work that cannot be deferred until May.  (The majority of our work at this time of year is time critical, so most services are required to continue)
  • The operator or team leader will contact you prior to arrival on farm- please make sure gates are open where possible and everything is set to go
  • The operator will go straight to the job and start work. He will let you know when they are finished or call by phone if there are questions
  • You must advise Rachel or Jeremy of any last minute changes- the operators do not have the authority to deviate from the work booked in.
  • No passengers in the machines
  • Avoid face to face contact.  If you need to talk to the operator, approach him and wait near the machine.  He will stop and come to you.  Please maintain a minimum 2m distance and do no touch the machinery.
  • Please DO NOT climb the steps and open the door.  Tractor cabs are perfect isolation pods!
  • The JCL Yard and building are not to be entered without expressed permission from Jeremy, which will be confirmed by text.


We will only apply chemical supplied by or stored by JCL.  The operator will arrive on farm with water and chemical and go straight to the paddock, only stopping at the cow shed for water if required


The drill operator will self load seed from the identified location.  For larger quantities, where pallets and front end loaders are required, please lift the pallet to the required position as director by our operator, stay in your machine and he will take the bags from there.  Please do not climb the machine and help him- 2m distance is required.


Deliveries will be made to the normal drop off point or place specified when booking.  If anything changes- please contact us on 07 887 66898 and we will advise the driver. Please maintain a minimum 2m distance from the driver.

Rachel and I will be home based over this period, but available by phone, text or email:

Jeremy- 027 526 2441-

Rachel- 027 587 6688-

Please keep checking this link for updates and our facebook page.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and keep talking to us- Thank Jeremy