Maize Silage with JCL

Our aim is to grow high yielding Maize crops as economically as possible.

This process starts with a good spray out using our GPS assisted sprayer and a selection of herbicides suitable for the conditions and any prevalent weeds in the paddock.

This is followed with a cultivation program using GPS assisted auto steer tractors to minimise overlaps and cost while maximising productivity and ensuring a good seedbed.

The Maize is planter with our 8 row precision Planter. Our planter has GPS technology fitted to allow each individual row to shut off as it overlaps previously planted areas. This means we can save you considerable seed costs with reducing overpopulating on overlaps and better plant growth and cob size by reducing competition. Our planter can apply starter fertiliser also.

We recommend the use of our side dresser at the appropriate stage which can ‘knife’ in fertiliser near the root mass, which provide efficient use of the fertiliser. Our side dresser can apply herbicide between the Maize rows to address any weeds that may be present.

Harvest is carried out by one of our Claas 960 forage harvesters. These are fitted with the latest Claas MCC Max Corn Cracker. Combined with good operation this ensures the crop is properly processed to maximise the availability of nutrients in the maize for better digestibility and inturn higher milk yield and condition. Both of our Claas Forage harvesters are fitted with the new “NIR” technology. This provides accurate information in moisture, yield and in turn dry matter tonnage, so you know accurately what is in your stack.

The crop is transported efficiently to the stack site with our large Silage trailers behind 50kph tractors, trucks or truck and trailers.

In turn, the crop is stacked with our Volvo L90H with 14′ Buckrake or New Holland T7.270 with 2.8m Push-off for superior compaction to improved the ensiling process. We have the expertise to stack both a wedge and a bun, as well as inside a bunker.

We can apply innoculants during the chopping process and silage covers in 12m, 15m and 18m, widths.

Through the whole process, we regularly crop walk and communicate progress with suggestions for improvements as well as identifying the ideal harvest date to maximise the benefit from your crop.

Following harvest, we plot yield information collected by the forage harvested on to maps to show performance of the crop on each paddock. We review and supply you with this information so we can identify any potential improvements that can be made to increase yield and crop performance for the future.

Why Choose Us for Maize Silage?

  • We’re a small company, so we can offer a personal tailored service.
  • We have modern equipment, such as GPS enabled tractors to reduce wasteage and overlaps.
  • We take pride in our work to achieve a good result everytime.
  • We can provide on farm advise to assist with management and planning.
  • We keep in regular contact with our customers to advise when our team will be with you.
  • We have good Health and Safety systems to fit in with your farm to keep your staff and family safe.
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