Flat Deck Haulage with JCL

We offer an effortless flat deck truck service ranging from long distance truck and trailer haulage to on farm bale transport. With the use of trained and experienced operators we offer a service that allows your goods to reach their destination in the same condition they left in.

We can transport many different goods, including:

  • Round and square silage bales
  • Hay Bales
  • Construction materials
  • All general purpose needs

We have an 8 wheeler truck and a 6 wheeler truck both with trailers available for use as a flat deck truck, as well as our 2 Hiab truck which are versatile as a flat deck trucks too. Our JCB Telehandler with its quick hitch system combined with our flat deck McIntosh trailer offers effective on farm bale transport.

We also offer loading for these truck and trailers via our JCB Telehandler or our 2 front end loader capable tractors. These can be equipped with round bale grabs, Square bale grabs, hay bale spikes or conventional forks